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Diga-Talk+ Portable 4G LTE


Nationwide PTT


The DTP-9750 is the workhorse of the Diga-Talk+ spectrum of offerings. Leveraging the power of LTE you get private and group calling, on device recording and playback, GPS tracking, and over the air programming. The four quick keys on the front make accessing your favorite group or individual as simple as pushing a button. The 9750 makes for a reliable communications companion that will work for you across the street or across the nation.

  • Size: 2 3/8” W X 6 1/2” H X 1 3/4” D (with Antenna)
  • Compact Rugged Design
  • Full Color Display
  • Fully Programmable
  • 4G LTE Secure Network
  • PTT Private and Group Call Playback
  • Emergency SOS Button
  • On Device Recording
  • Over the Air Software Updates
  • One to One or One to All Group Calls
  • Apps Available for IOS and Android
  • Optional PC Dispatch Software
  • Optional GPS Tracking with Route; Playback, User Location and Call/Message History

* Requires activation and service plan. See below to choose a plan

The total price includes product, plan and activation fee. Sim card included at no charge.

  • $24 a month for each radio without GPS.
  • $29 a month for each radio with GPS.
  • User Manual
  • Antenna
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Charging Cradle
  • Cable