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Diga-Talk+ offers unmatched competitive two-way digital communications services and devices with Nationwide Coverage.

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PTT communications over cellular equal instant connectivity with the press of a button.


Eliminates the risk of secure information being intercepted by unauthorized users.



Clear, unambiguous communication of instructions, responses, and information.


Hands-free compliance for your mobile workforce with the push of a button, creating safer and easier communication.

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Diga-Talk+ radios are ideal for communicating with users within a building as well as a mobile workforce at locations throughout the U.S.

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About ProComm Alaska LTE PTT

Your trusted, Locally owned, communications Partner

With over 100 years of combined technical experience, ProComm Alaska is the clear choice to be your wireless communications advisor.
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Ensuring the highest quality of Service Possible

In communications, quality assurance is an integral part of the quality strategy. As we care about our clients, we control the quality of our products on all stages.
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Our position is principled to Provide you with Quality Products

We aim to deliver the best two-way products to local citizens and city guests. Quality control and adherence to the industry standards are our primary goals.
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