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Diga-Talk+ has you covered!

Advantages of Using Diga-Talk+ Radios for your Industry

Standard LMR radios have range limitations. This is a disadvantage for a mobile workforce. With Diga-Talk+ your customers can communicate, track, and dispatch throughout the Country. Give us a call – Diga-Talk+ may be the perfect fit for you!

Agriculture Industries

Improve communication reliability which is often lacking on farmland. Save time and energy by utilizing the proper two-way communications. Stay out in the fields while communicating with your crew.

Airport Industries

Instant communications where seconds may be critical, and cellular networks can be overloaded. System has the ability to group different suppliers and coordinate their activities.

Ambulance Industries

Instantly dispatch or get updates on critical time-sensitive calls. Our two-way radio walkie talkie devices have the ability to create Common Groups with local hospitals and EMT.

Amusement Park Industries
Amusement Park

Manage park employees across the entire property without expensive infrastructure. See the location of all the employees through their portable radios. Scalable to any size park and facility.

Asphalt Industries

When you're out on the job, instantly contact supplier partners or your office for instructions or changes without having to leave the important job you're on.

Concrete Industries

Diga-Talk+ walkie talkies can help keep instant contact with supplier partners, co-workers and your homebase to receive valuable information about your job and crew.

Construction Industries

Whether you're up in the rafters or on the ground, it's important to have the ability to communicate with you crew and office for instructions or changes.

Healthcare Industries

From doctors to nurses to security, it's important to manage security and keep everyone safe and secure. Encryption complies with HIPAA information requirements.

Hospitality Industries

With our two-way radios you can coordinate daily activities at the push of a button. Get instant updates from remote employees including hospitality and maid services.

HVAC Industries

If you're in the heating and air business, you know how important it is to quickly communicate with dispatch for directions, parts and instructions.

Landscaping Industries

Stay in touch even if your hands are tied up. Lapel mics are available and only have one button to push to make a connection. Don't get stuck in the weeds!

Municipalities Industries

Our Diga-Talk+ two-way radio walkie talkies have lower cost to set up, provides better coverage, and requires no maintenance of the sites. See what radios fit your needs.

Public Works Industries
Public Works

Diga-Talk+ radios are the perfect solution to speed up communications, and they are flexible enough to reassign personnel on the fly and help keep everyone safe.

School Buses Industries
School Buses

Keep your students safe with fast communications, better coverage than cell, GPS tracking, legal to use while driving, and no distractions while transporting students.

Schools Industries

Students are priority number one. Plus, using our radios is far less expensive than installing repeaters inside a building, and usually provides better coverage.

Security Industries

Perfect for patrol functions and situations- with the radios rugged devices with secure mics, and GPS for reporting and verification.

Snow Plowing Industries
Snow Plowing

Low-cost instant communications and tracking when drivers are busy operating plows. Radios have the verification of on the clock and on the site.

Towing Industries

Our walkie talkie radios helps drivers when they may not know exactly where they are going. You can also track the safety and location of your employees.

Trucking Industries

Outstanding coverage nationwide, with virtually no worries about being out of range. Radios are legal to use while driving.

Utilities Industries

Radios are the perfect solution to speed up communications and are flexible enough to reassign personnel on the fly. Learn more about our radios today.

Warehouse Industries

Diga-Talk+ two-way radios are great for large facilities that do not want to spend money on repeaters. Keep employees safe and in touch with one another.

Waste Industries

Our walkie talkie two-way radios are the best way to communicate; route completion, route changes, update sales with opportunities, and track routes.